About us

The OListiks by Temna brand is the brainchild of licensed massage therapist and natural health professional Temna M. McMillan.

She says: “I’ve spent decades helping people work through their health issues using nutrition and massage. Early on it was clear that pain was the most common problem clients faced. Clients found relief with massage therapy, but what could be done to maintain relief between sessions? Our Cool, Heat, Repeat Gel perfectly filled this need.”

The OListiks by Temna’ flagship product is its Cool, Heat, Repeat Gel.

The gel uses essential oils from mint, eucalyptus and chamomile give the body a cooling and relaxing sensation. Ginger, black pepper, and capsicum provide warmth and stimulate circulation. This formula is also infused with over 20 essential oils to help problem areas relax and improve.

Why make this Gel?  Temna says, “A few years ago I was diagnosed with a serious lower back condition. The pain was crippling.  Spinal fusion surgery was recommended with a 50/50 chance of improvement.  I chose to to avoid/delay surgery with a holistic approach including developing and use a lotion with essential oils that would bring relief between therapy sessions.  This lotion is the biggest reason why I’ve been able to avoid back surgery for many years.”  Temna shared the lotion with clients, friends and family.  Their positive response has since been overwhelming.

OListiks by Temna is holistic. It is a company that remains dedicated to natural solutions that better our lives.

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Many thanks to everyone in the OListiks by Temna community!