Privacy Policies

Under the lawful permission of North Carolina, USA, Section # ABC, OListiks Inc. thereby sells/shares/publicizes its product, OListiks; effective since 2/11/2020. 

OListiks Inc (“OListiks”, “we”, “us” and “our”) operates in accordance with the clauses defined under the Privacy Policies and reserves the right to update/change the policies anytime. OListiks Inc collects and stores authorized users’ (“user”, “customer” and “consumer”) ‘personal data’ via multiple digital/non-digital mediums. By using our website/product/service, the user is liable to share his/her personal data with us. 

The OListiks Inc privacy policy has been drafted in order to help the user understand our legal aspects, liability limitations, data storing/sharing and operational mechanism. 

Personal Information 

The personal/identifiable information comprises of, but not limited to, the user’s first and last name, email id, profile photo, location, contact number and credit/debit card information. 

Note: The scope of personal information can be updated/changed based upon the added/omitted identifiable variables. Moreover, children under 13 are exempted from these clauses.

Non-personal/Non-identifiable Information

Non-personal information is the type of information which doesn’t discriminate one user from another and includes, but not limited to, the number of website visits, time/date logs of the website visit, user’s GPS location, cookie-based data, the type of device used to access our website (mobile/tablet/laptop), IP address and MAC address.

Collection & Application of Information

OListiks collects personal as well as non-personal information via the following mediums:

  1. Sign-up/account-registration details
  2. Authorized social media handles
  3. Complaints and/or feedback forms/emails
  4. Signed-up legal authorities/third-parties
  5. Web-based Cookies 
  6. Tags/beacons
  7. Mobile/handphone-based GPS 

Note: The mediums used to collect information can surpass these aforementioned ones. 

The moment a user lands on our website, OListiks is entitled to collect his/her relevant personal as well as non-personal information, as mentioned in our Privacy Policy. The user information is collected by OListiks for multiple reasons, including:

  1. Operationalize OListiks Inc business
  2. Cross-check a user’s identity
  3. Omit any scams/frauds
  4. Double-check the order placed
  5. Carry out the transaction process on behalf of the customer
  6. Receive feedback/complaints from the customer
  7. Improve/upgrade our performance
  8. Market our product
  9. Share offers/discounts
  10. Communicate with the customer

Note: The user can choose to disable cookies/tags/beacons on the website anytime. However, OListiks does not take any responsibility for the seamless web-experience in case of disabled cookies/tags/beacons.

User’s Code of Conduct

OListiks Inc does not authorize the users/customers to use the web-portal in a way, which may harm its overall working and halt its operations. The website must be accessed by the users for legitimate/lawful purposes only. 

The user must ensure that the content posted on the OListiks’ website must be legal, authentic, non-abusive, unthreatening,  non-commercial, non-invasive, non-hazardous, anti-spam/malware and must honor our Privacy Policy and Intellectual Property rights.

Furthermore, OListiks Inc does not tolerate any kind of harassment/bullying/degrading content, that targets us, our affiliates/partners or any member/guest-visiter of our web-platform.

Note: Any unethical hack/misuse of OListiks web-platform can lead to legal action against the hacker/violator.

Information Distribution

OListiks Inc is legally/ entitled to share user information with the signed-up/collaborators:

  1. Law enforcement/legal bodies
    User information disclosed due to court order/legal requirements/subpoenas/scam protection.
  2. Third-parties
    User information shared withOListiks Inc signed-up third parties. 
  3. Transaction bodies
    User information shared with third-party payment gateways.
  4. Service providers
    User information disclosed to the service providers, including but not limited to, shipment/cargo companies, data analyzers and management/marketing consultants. 

The information shared is thereby used to ensure legal business operations, to avoid any scam on behalf of users/third-parties/service providers, to assist the user in liability claims, to process purchases on behalf of the user, to enhance our services, to abide by the agreements with the third-parties/service provider and to carry our marketing campaigns.

Note: OListiks Inc does not share, sell or rent out personal information to the third-parties/service providers unless legally authorized or as articulated in the Privacy Policy. Moreover, OListiks Inc does not take any responsibility for the privacy policies/terms & conditions of the third parties.

Information Security

OListiks have taken the following measures to maintain a secure service:

  1. Highly secured and up-to-date database
  2. Secured payment gateways
  3. Up-to-date data encryption
  4. Verified and reliable third-party hosting services
  5. Restricted employee access
  6. Relevant limited data sharing with third-parties/service providers

Note: In order to prevent the breach of information, termination of the agreement occurs the moment any violation occurs. 

User’s Update/Change of Information

In order to protect the data rights of the customers, the customers have been given the following options:

  1. Unsubscribe email
  2. Update/change the information
  3. Delete account

For the change requests, reach out to us at or +1 980-239-9812.

Note: OListiks reserves the right to accept/reject the user’s request to delete/amend his/her personal data.

Inter-State Policies

For the user residing within/outside the premises of North Carolina, United States, the aforementioned policies apply anyway! 

Limitation of Liability

Under the limitation of liability clause, OListiks reserves the right to revert a false/fraudulent claim on behalf of the customer/user. Moreover, it has the right to revert/turn-back any claims on behalf of the user regarding damages/mishaps as well as unlawful/illegal use of the user’s personal as well as non-personal information. 

OListiks does not take any responsibility for the damage occurring from any kind of natural disasters, unavoidable circumstances/incidents/events, negligence, consequential actions and/or direct/indirect impacts. OListiks is exempted from any user claims that comply with the previously advised possible damages/claims.

Note: For any user lodging a fraudulent/unlawful complaint, OListiks reserves the right to take legal action against the violator, leading to the account suspension. 

Contact Us

For any queries regarding our privacy policies, the user can reach out to us at or call us at +1 980-239-9812.